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Brits forced to foot the bill for foreign aid worker prostitutes

Brits forced to foot the bill for foreign aid worker prostitutes
March 06
15:03 2018

One in seven foreign aid charities funded by the British taxpayer have been caught spending the money on prostitutes, including paedophilia, according to the International Aid Secretary.

Penny Mordaunt made the appalling revelations at a London summit yesterday but announced that the names of the charities engaged in such criminality will be kept a secret from the British public.

The scandal came light several weeks ago after Oxfam workers were caught misusing ‘Foreign Aid’ money to pay for sex in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in 2010.

The British taxpayer currently funds 179 charities paid to provide aid to ‘developing’ countries.

To date, 26 of these charities were found to have employed workers who have been involved in what Ms Morduant played down as “incidents” involving a “full spectrum” of abuse.

Foreign Aid – Globalist colonialism

Foreign Aid is the modern form of colonialism, a globalist project, which seeks to build ‘developing’ countries along the same model as those in the West.

While the hypocritical political Left seizes every opportunity to attack European nations and heap on ‘white people’ a sense of guilt for their role in the colonial era of the past, the political Left fully endorses the globalist ‘Foreign Aid’ project.

Why? Because Foreign Aid is an international socialist project which involves stealing – through the enforcement of law – money from one group on behalf of another, a term referred to as the redistribution of wealth.

It is designed to render the Third World reliant on handouts from Western nations – effectively a financial bride for political and economic influence in the country and region.

The current method of distributing this stolen money is widely regarded as ‘stealing from the poor in wealthy nations and giving it to the wealthy in poor nations’.

The British government has committed the British people to paying the second highest Foreign Aid sum in the world, currently sending £12.8Billion+ abroad each year to, among others, 20 of the most corrupt nations on the planet.

==> Find out more about the Foreign Aid Scandal here <==


Ms Mordaunt implored the charities involved in the cover up of criminality to now police themselves, promising the threat “action” if not done so, by reporting them to unspecified “law enforcement.”

“The aid sector needs to ensure it is meeting its duty of care to the world’s most vulnerable people,” announced Ms Mordaunt.

“It needs to be honest about past mistakes.

“It must do all it can to win back the trust of the British public.

The revelations have led to renewed questions over the moral implications of foreign aid.

“My message to those who have sought to exploit this sector and the human tragedy in which it operates is this:

“We will share all the information we have with law enforcement.

“We will find you, we will bring you to justice, your time is up.

“This summit is a critical moment to learn lessons and drive up standards across the entire aid sector.

“Now is the time for action.”

How about recalling a refund for the British taxpayer for a service they paid for which was not delivered?

Indeed, it is time for action!

Time to stop sending £12.8Billion+ abroad on globalist projects a spend the much needed vast sum on putting Britain right.

Time to end all foreign aid until the 1.6Million children living in severe poverty in Britain can be provided for, pensioners stop dying in there hundreds each winter by way of their inability to pay to heat their homes and our NHS can function properly and be lifted out of its current “Third World” conditions.

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