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‘Diversity’ brings woman-only zones to Berlin

‘Diversity’ brings woman-only zones to Berlin
December 31
16:52 2017

Organisers of the Berlin 2018 New Years celebrations have announced that they will create Sharia-like ‘women-only’ zones in response to the sex attacks by Muslim migrants which have plagued events since 2015.

The women’s safety area has been set up by the German Red Cross at the request of Berlin police, and will be located in tents around 100 metres from the Brandenburg Gate.

A spokeswoman for the celebrations said:

“There will be three to four helpers who are specially trained and can look after women who feel harassed or threatened.”

Similar measures have been in place at other events across Germany after a shocking number of sexual offences on New Year’s Even 2015-16, notably in Cologne.

It is thought more than 2,000 men were involved in the crimes.

Around 120 suspects were identified, most of whom were foreign nationals who were also new arrivals to Germany.


Presumably, these three to four “helpers” are “specially trained” in countering the social terror which thousands of marauding Muslims with total disdain for the native culture and utter disregard for the country’s laws bring with them.

Consider too that the Red Cross is founded on the traditional European Christian faith and that is one fervently hated by Merkel’s ‘new Germans’.

Tents emblazoned with red crosses and holding back desirable rape victims are likely to further infuriate the ‘new Germans’.

Event spokeswoman Anja Marx told Reuters that this was the first time they had introduced the Sharia-style ‘women-only’ zones to protect women from Muslim men:

“The police requested it after they did it at the Munich Oktoberfest this year and it worked out well.”

According to Marx, women-only zones were set up for the first time at the Munich Oktoberfest costing the exhausted German taxpayer well over 100,000 euros.

Last year, the authorities in Cologne – which received international condemnation for attempting to cover up thousands of sex attacks on women by Muslim men on New Years 2015 – issued wristbands to women pleading with their new Muslim countrymen to “respect” and not rape them.

It was an initiative so asinine that it could only have been conceived by ‘progressive’ liberal minds.

Presumably, those without the wristband were quite content with being gang raped by immigrants.

Introducing through the backdoor, Sharia-like women-only zones are a tragically inadequate response to a truly alarming problem.

It’s a response which that proves that the terminally liberal authorities which brought this horror show to Germany are either totally oblivious of the extent of the problem; are incapable of sufficiently dealing with it or have absolutely no desire to do so effectively – or all three.

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