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Facebook steps up Leftwing censorship with Britain First ban

Facebook steps up Leftwing censorship with Britain First ban
March 15
11:09 2018

Facebook is the latest social network to ban patriots from using its platform after a political activist pressure group calling itself Britain First had their page cancelled.

Having styled itself as an anti-Islam militant street group, carrying out mosque invasions and other publicity stunts, Britain First built up a huge following of more than 2 Million Facebook users – more than that of any political party in the country.

Yesterday, with the flick of a switch, Facebook snuffed out years and years of tireless work on the platform when it deleted their page for good.

The draconian action by Facebook, ‘justified’ by claiming repeated breaches of its ‘community standards’, follows the jailing of both the Britain First leader and its deputy after being convicted of harassing Muslims.

Authoritarian governments start out suppressing opinions they deem ‘unacceptable’.

Today, it’s that of Britain First – tomorrow it’s yours.

Britain is fast becoming an authoritarian state in a desperate effort to contain the imminent and potentially violent mass social upheaval, a result of having introduced millions of immigrants which have created entirely separate communities hostile to one another.

It’s vital that those who would stand up and fight for our British nation and our hard-won freedoms put aside any differences of opinion to speak out collectively against oppression of patriots.

Technological totalitarianism

Silicon Valley, the technology capital in the US, is notorious for being run by Social Justice Warrior CEOs.

Last month, Freedom Post reported on Twitter’s ban of what it called ‘extremists’ on its platform, its list of ‘offenders’ consisted only of those it considers ‘far-right’ – Islamist and Leftwing terror groups and extremists alike received a green light to carry on.

Twitter was also outed earlier this year when its employees were caught on camera bragging about how they shadow banned (prevent anyone seeing their tweet unbeknown to the user) those whose politics they disagreed with.

Last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg was caught on live mic conspiring with Germany’s Angela Merkel to ban all criticism on the network of her Mass Muslim Immigration policy.

The draconian action against Britain First by Facebook further highlights what many patriots have always maintained – that putting emphasis, and relying on operating through a hostile-owned social media platform is a foolish move.

While it’s vital that patriots have a presence on these platforms to further our collective reach, it’s essential that we build our own independent and secure media to fight back.

Freedom Post is one of those channels.

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