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Germany: Catholic Archbishop slams Muslim immigrant murders of Christians

Germany: Catholic Archbishop slams Muslim immigrant murders of Christians
February 13
14:10 2018

Roman Catholic Archbishop, Ludwig Schick, has spoken out against the surge of violence by Muslim immigrants against Christians in Germany.

The Archbishop’s remarks were reported by Der Welt following the publishing of a government report which revealed that Islamists committed 100 religiously-motivated hate attacks against Christians in 2017 alone, including the murder of Christian convert.

Weary of being targeted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s thought police, Archbishop Schick restrained himself in his condemnation of Islamists, warning instead that the “highest alertness” is required.

“You can not arrive in our society if you do not value our values,” stated Archbishop Ludwig Schick.

“All sensible and well-intentioned people must resolutely oppose those who, whatever their religion or ideology, are lacking in respect for their fellow human beings.

“It will not work without such boundaries!”

The Archbishop’s appeal to ‘sensible’ people fell short of fellow clergyman, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Cologne, the authorities and police of the German city which brought on themselves international condemnation after attempting to cover up thousands of sex attacks by Muslim immigrants on German girls on New Years Eve 2016.

Woelki previously demonstrated his astonishing ignorance of Islam when he opposed proposals to ban minarets on mosques by claiming that they were no different than church towers.

Minarets, like burqas, the gang raping of ‘infidel’ women (sex-jihad) and the persecution of Christians and those of all other faiths are symbols and characteristics of Islamic conquest.

The infiltration of the the Left and limp-wristed liberals into the Anglican and Catholic church has resulted in wishful-thinking and the erroneous notion that all cultures are equal and that all religions hold the same values.

As a result, the Christian church has abandoned its will to survive.
By contrast, the wholly intolerant and fascistic doctrine of Islam remains unforgiving, unapologetic and ruthless.

It’s important to remind church leaders that in the past the church did not proclaim its solidarity with oppressors, it fought against them.

Christianity survived in Europe only because it fought heroically against relentless Islamic invasions of Europe beginning soon after Muhammad’s death.

Several notable examples include:

  • The Battle of Tours in 732, at which the Christian army of Charles Martel defeated a larger Muslim army and saved Europe from an Islamic invasion.
  • In 1571, a Catholic fleet assembled by the Pope defeated the larger Muslim fleet at Lepanto.
  • In 1683 at the Battle of Vienna (more than 150 years after a previous Muslim invasion which resulted in the Siege of Vienna) the Catholic Polish King John III Sobieski arrived in the nick of time a saved Europe from yet another Islamic invasion.

If the West and its Christian values are to survive, either the church needs to be cleared out of the suicidal and politicised clergy and fight the latest Muslim invasion, or the European people must take a stand in spite the church and summon in themselves once again the galant fighting spirit of the old defenders of Christendom.

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