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Never mind multi-cultures, now they’ve introduced multi-laws

Never mind multi-cultures, now they’ve introduced multi-laws
November 25
16:33 2017

If it doesn’t work, more of it will!

That’s evidently an axiom which the political elite have created for themselves and live by.

Multiculturalism has “utterly failed” declared Anglea Merkel before inviting the entire Third World to travel to Germany and take up residence in the EU.

As Prime Minister, David Cameron too declared multiculturalism a failure while vocally expressing his intentions to have Turkey join the EU, opening the flood gates to some 80Million Turkish Muslims.

Theresa May differs only slightly in that she actually has no political ideology.

Were it not for the mindless and nonsense Liberal ‘values’ of ‘tolerance’, ‘equality’ and ‘being nice’, May would have no political views whatsoever.

She’s a follower, rather than a leader, and with the widespread consensus on multiculturalism’s failure, she’d be very unlikely to defend it.

But on May’s watch a very disturbing precedent has been set.

Having had the position of multiculturalism forced down our throats against our will, the next jagged pill we Brits are ordered to swallow is multi-lawism.

Take the latest in a string of stories:

A Pakistani doctor who molested a student nurse on a hospital ward is to keep his job after blaming the incident on “cultural norms” in the UK.

Married locum doctor , 44, grabbed the breast of the 21-year-old and told her he wanted an affair as he considered her “sexually available” because she’d had previous boyfriends.

The student nurse said she was ‘shaken up and distraught’ and told a tribunal the incident affected her studies and left her unable to trust male colleagues.


Despite the fact that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester “concluded [Qureshi] showed a lack of empathy towards [the victim] and ignored her objections to your behaviour” and that it was likely he would “harm another individual by a repetition of [his] behaviour,” the tribunal ruled not to strike him off the Medical Register, handing him instead a short 12-month suspension instead.

This is an extremely ominous precedent for the British law.

It now means that different standards are expected from people of different races and cultural background.

Certain races, by virtue of their colour and culture, now receive special treatment over others.

It’s genuinely got to the point where it’s one law for them, and another one for us.

British law is being flouted by the very institutions which should be upholding it.



One law for them, another law for us

Pakistani doctor blames his sexual attacks on ‘different cultural norms’ and keeps his job


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