How do you think you are kidding, Mr Farage

Nigel Farage has formally entered his name in the running for ‘Hypocrite of the Year’ award after claiming that the Prime Minister had stolen his policies. Citing his ‘fightback’ beginning in 2013, Mr Farage, during an interview with…

Burqa crooks carry out robberies

A gang of violent crook have been jailed for carrying out robberies across Manchester and concealing their identity by wearing Islamist burqas. Over a twelve month period beginning June 2015, the gang stole £206,000 worth of…

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Hopkins: UKIP should bow out gracefully

Outspoken radio jock Katie Hopkins has a message for UKIP following their wipe out in the local elections last Thursday. “Follow [Prince Philip’s] example, UKIP. “You did your country proud but your job is done….