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Show Racism The Red Card you “white c***” says black racist ex-footballer

Show Racism The Red Card you “white c***” says black racist ex-footballer
January 02
17:17 2018

Ex-footballer and BBC luvvie, Trevor Sinclair, has been convicted in court for hurling racial abuse at a police officer and urinating in a police car after having been caught drink driving.

Having being pulled up by police drunk behind the wheel, former England footballer Sinclair called the policeman a “white c***”.

Sinclair arrived at court with his white (****?) wife where his legal representative Nick Freeman shamelessly pulled the ‘race card’.

According to Freedman, Sinclair was a black racist because he himself had been subjected to ‘racism’.

Presumably, by Freedman’s standards, this police officer could now be partially pardoned should he engaged in such despicable behaviour.

It’s a spectacular fail for the political left and their ‘progressive’ lackeys because 44-year-old Sinclair was a notable face in their campaign Show Racism The Red Card, one conceived by the left in their drive to hijack and politicise football for their own ends.

According only to Sinclair, he was a victim of ‘racial abuse’ after a female fan affectionately called a “little chocolate man” – none of which could be substantiated in court.

This alleged grievous attack on his person by a fan apparently meant that British police were racist for doing their job, Sinclair announced in a tweet, evidently unable to even spell the word after he hashtagged in ‘#Rascist’.

Luckily for Sinclair, black racists are a highly privileged group.

He evaded prison time, receiving instead community service, a 20 month driving ban, a slap on the wrist and was jokingly labelled a ‘naughty boy’ by the liberal judge.

One might have thought that the political left would undertake a moment of reflection and inspect their shoes over such embarrassing and shameful hypocrisy, but given that hypocrisy is a founding principle of leftist ideology, that didn’t happen.

Expect no such condemnation by the BBC and other mouthpieces of the vile political left in calling out such despicable behaviour.

Oh dear! When everyone’s self-declared ‘anti-racist’ moral superiors fall, they do so spectacularly.

Leftwing condemnation is reserved for their political opposition and white people alone.

The British authorities and the courts have made the rules crystal clear: It’s one law for them, another one for us.

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