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VIDEO – MSM coverup of massive London protest against Islamist terror

VIDEO – MSM coverup of massive London protest against Islamist terror
June 27
12:50 2017

Footage and photographs have emerged showing the massive gathering in London on Saturday against anti-Islamist terror proving the widescale cover up by the mainstream media (MSM).

Thousands of football fans gathered in London in what became England’s biggest ever anti-Islamist terror protest.

A group calling themselves the ‘Football Lads Alliance’, apparently including fans from West Ham, Chelsea, Tottenham and Millwall among others, descended on the streets of central London to make their united voice heard.

According to one report, the sight of thousands of fans from rival clubs burying their rivalries to march in unity terrified the rotten Establishment.

The crowd stopped to cheer a Sikh speaker, dress in traditional attire, (not the Sikh gentleman shown in this video) who gave a stark and impassioned warning to the British of the real threat of Islamic invasion – and the Sikhs know first hand of the terror of Islamic invasion after having had their native and spiritual homeland of the Punjab attacked several times resulting in the loss of much of its territory to the Muslim invaders.

[Editor: While this gentleman’s patriotism for his country in the video’s is commendable, ‘English’ is a race unique to the English ancestry. An Englishman cannot change his race to become a member of the Sikh race, neither can it work the other way.]

It’s becoming painfully evident that had just fifty protesters turned out the entire MSM would have been on to the story which would have fit its false Islamophilic narrative that the British people accept the Islamism in their country.

Unfortunately for the paid-and-pocketed MSM Editors, that’s not the case.

The BBC, Sky News, RT, Telegraph, Independent and The Sun are among the MSM outlets that entirely overlooked the day’s major event.

Leftist rags, The Guardian and Daily Star, made a passing commentary choosing instead to focus on smaller groups of patriots to conceal the actual number of people assembled.

“Protests and civil disobedience definitely have their place in a national movement of this nature,” BNP spokesman David Furness told journalists gathered to him speak to Russian TV channel NTV.

“Our struggle is one of an entire national of people and it’s vital that we support every effort, within the law, to protest this treacherous government and fight to keep Britain the homeland of the British people.

“It takes us working together on every front to save our country.

“The BNP is the ONLY political party doing, because fighting through the political process is vital.

“The BNP supports the action taken by patriotic popularist pressure groups, but to effect real change we must work through the political system to hold the politicians to account and force them to enact the will of the majority, and the will of the native Brits, or else they must be removed from office.”

Asked if it was ‘racist’ to want to protect ones country from foreign invaders, David answered:

“The more the liberals and the political left try to bully the British people with their hate-words and smear everyone who opposes them by way of their stupid name-calling, the more they lose any political credibility and moral integrity they manage to convince people they ever had.

“These people are hateful and dangerous and by their name-calling prove their inability to reason.”



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